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The Laser Hair removal method is performed by applying light at a certain wavelength that will damage or destroy the hair-growing follicle and pigment. This method works very well for larger areas of hair removal and is particularly effective for light skin with darker hair growth. It is less effective on grey, red and blonde hair. If you are a good candidate, you can likely expect an 80% reduction in hair growth after 4-6 sessions and can maintain the reduction with annual maintenance.To look at the positive side of waxing at home, it's fairly inexpensive and you don't have to wait to get an appointment to get in somewhere. You can expect to pay anywhere from about $10 to $30 for an at-home waxing kit. Having hair in places you don't really want hair, like your upper lip, arms or back to name a few places, can be an embarrassing thing. So many people today are looking to get rid of their unwanted hair. Lots of people shave or wax to get rid of it. But that's really not the best option because the hair grows back. So what is the best permanent hair removal system? Many people are finding out that laser hair removal is the best option. Electrolysis is one of the few medically certified processes of hair removal. This provides confidence that it is a safe way of removing hair with very few side effects. One minor side effect is immediately noticed after treatment. The skin may react to the process, appearing red or swollen in the area that was treated. The good news is that it is temporary affliction and will subside in few hours.Let's take a look at a few different at home processes you can use for hair removal and then talk about permanent hair removal. 永久脫毛 脫毛 激光脫毛 However, it is said that it is proven only to be more effective during the hair growth stage. Because of this, successive treatments should be done after two months in order for your hair to undergo the resting phase and go back to the growth stage again. As for the risks, you can expect that there is only a slight threat on your health when you try to undergo laser hair removal. There are only rare cases of blisters and infections. Most of the time, those who undergo this treatment achieved desirable results so there is no reason that you will not achieve such results as well. Just make sure that you educate yourself about this process first before undergoing the treatment.