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Promoting itself as a "full-service" PR company, PPMR's services include everything from public and media relations, brand management, and meeting and event planning (including travel, venue selection, meals, speakers, and transportation), to image consulting, corporate communications, and commercial video production. "Business owners and companies like to streamline their business dealings as much as possible" said Parker. "Our company gives them the ability to do just that, which saves both time and money." Other words which are not acceptable include investment company with variable capitalScience Articles, open ended investment company and the abbreviation SE.A company name would also be rejected if that name was deemed offensive or using a proposed name would be a criminal offence. video production house video production company advertising agency advertising company pr firm pr agency Names which include certain words are also rejected unless approved by the secretary of state. Any name which suggests affiliation to a local authority or central government should be avoided. While the use of words indicating banking activity do not require to be approved using such words should be avoided as using such a name might well contravene other legislation relating to financial services requiring the business to be authorised. Apart from employing social media platforms just like Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn, the tourism marketing firm may even tap into other forms of traditional advertising tools. A sample of other tools you may expect the tourism marketing firm to create for you contain sending out press releases, customizing your website in addition to designing and distributing travel brochures. In one fell swoop you'll be able to test various advertising messages to determine which one brings you more customers and guests. Because you will have the benefit of auditing your advertising performance on a regular basis, the tourism marketing firm might right away stop virtually any worthless advertising programs.